15% Off Carbonite Business Plans - Deal Ends May 8th

Article Posted by Expert Author: admin admin  on 05/03/2013

Cloud storage is the way of the future for document and media storage. And Carbonite makes it incredibly easy to do. All of your files are backed up automatically and protected from prying eyes. So your business gets the ultimate in convenience, whether you need an important file for that upcoming meeting or your employees need to conduct business on the go.

Carbonite definitely offers many affordable solutions. And if you haven't tried it, this may be the best time do so, as they are offering 10% off all two-year business plans, and 15% off their three-year business plans. That means your business can get up to 250G of space for just $583 when you order a three-year plan. Business Premier plans get you 500G of storage for just $1078 when you order a two-year plan. Either way, your business wins.  For more information on Carbonite or to compare other options, view our online computer backup page.

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