Free Web Hosting Sites Vs. Paid – Which One is Right for You?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Nancy Ruskus  on 06/14/2013

free vs. paid web hosting sitesWhile everyone wants to know whether they should take advantage of a free hosting site or if it's worth it to pay a little and have the pros do it, the truth is that there isn't one simple answer for everyone. The needs of one site are drastically different from the needs of other sites. For example, consider how different a personal blog's needs are from the needs of a huge online retailer who handles millions of visitors and thousands of orders per day.

To decide whether free web hosting sites are good enough for your site, start by thinking about what your needs are. Do you simply need somewhere to put your site, without a ton of bells and whistles? If so, then free may be the way to go. Do you have a ton of data you'd like to put on your site, like widgets, pictures, videos, and more? If so, then you may not like the data restrictions of free sites.

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