SOS Online Backup Review

Absolutely Unbiased Editor Rating:  8 out of 10

An affordable monthly cost, along with secure backup via encryption and full scalability is what SOS Online Backup offers customers.  The program, accessible from several web browsers via a wide range of devices, allows for the real-time back up of content and instant recovery of files when needed.

The review focuses on the signing up portion of the program and provides a basic overview of the options available with SOS. It also covers the process for backing up files and folders.

The Signup Process - What You Need To Know

There are two ways to sign up with SOS. Clicking the "Backup Now" button will take the visitor to a page which requires their credit card and other information.

In order to get the free trial, the visitor must choose the "Free Trial" option by locating the following buttons at the top of the page, and then mousing over the desired option.

Customer Support Experience

SOS Online Backup provides help for customers in several ways; they can ask a question, chat with support staff, or submit a ticket.

Customer can also access the SOS online community, where issues and solutions are available in several categories:


SOS Online Backup covers data backup for up to five computers and devices. As well, the service offers continuous protection of data, which allows all files to be backed up as changes are made to them. Applications are also available for the backing up of data on iPhone and Android devices. SOS also advertises protection of Facebook content, namely photos, posts, friends, contacts and videos.

The service also provides unlimited access to backed up files and to recovery options. Military-grade encryption is used, with 11 data centers charged with the triple encryption of customer data.

It's also a very easy program for customers of all skill levels to learn, use and master.

Once initial file backup has completed, backup of files, as well as the restore process may be significantly faster than other similar services.


Some users may find the cost to have storage with SOS to be a bit prohibitive, but committing to a multi-year contract can bring the cost down quite a bit. As well, the time needed to complete the initial backup will be significant, although this is the case for most online backup services.

SOS Online Backup doesn't currently offer an unlimited plan, which may not be suitable for some users.

File viewing within the mobile SOS app versions requires switching applications in order to complete.

Technical Requirements

SOS supports the following:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

Plans and Pricing Matrix

Below is a snapshot of the various plans available, or you can click here to visit SOS's site for more information.

1 PC or Mac

1 PC or Mac

5 PC's and/or Mac's



$139.99 for 2 years




All storage options can be applied to up to five computers and devices


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