What Does the Tumblr / Yahoo Deal Really Mean for You?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Nancy Ruskus  on 09/04/2013

Many people who use Tumblr were less than enthused when they heard that the web hosting site had been bought out by Yahoo. While Yahoo has been a big name in the industry for many years, it's also true that their recent track record has been less than stellar. This is a company who has made mistakes in the last few years, and what's been more concerning is that they have seemed to be unaware of those mistakes.

Those who have reservations precisely because of this problem can breath a sigh of relief, as Yahoo has not only admitted to recent problems but has said that they're taking steps to ensure they won't affect Tumblr. No transition is every flawless, but with a company like Yahoo recognizing where they've gone wrong, we can feel relatively confident that they'll be taking steps to avoid making past mistakes all over again.

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