Web Hosting and Related Tutorials

Welcome to our tutorials page.  While it may seem like a basic premise, in order for people to be able to access your website, it needs to reside at a physical location provided by a host server which has designated and supported a place where your files are stored.  That address is determined by your domain which you obtain through a registrar, which then needs to be pointing back to your web host's nameserver  

This is where web hosts come in.  They provide a service that includes not only space for your website at your domain, but also other services like firewall protection, technical support, FTP access, email services, disk space, file transfer allocations (e.g. bandwidth), domain name registration, and website building tools that can be search engine optimized, to name a few.

The extra services that you opt for in a web host will depend on your goals for your website.  For example, if you want to sell something online, you will require SSL certification in order to provide a secure eCommerce site.

Once you have selected a web host and have chosen an available domain name, it's time to start your website.  Some web hosts have website building tools available, or you can opt to build your web pages using html and css coding.  There is software available to make this easier as well.

The tutorials and articles linked to this page will cover variouis topics related to web hosting.


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