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Article Posted by Expert Author: Nancy Ruskus  on 02/08/2013

These days, backing up your data, whether it's on your personal computer or with your web host is critical. There are simply just too many ways in which our data can be compromised. Where your web host is concerned, there are many methods of data backup that can help protect your files in the event of a crash or hacking attempt.

The complete back-up involves the selection of all files and folders on a network or server. While the process of backing up the data can take a long time to complete and uses a lot of storage space, the good news is that restoring any data following an event can be done very quickly. Most web hosts will have a schedule by which they back up their network or server. Common intervals are weekly or monthly.

The incremental back-up denotes only the backing up of only those files which have changed since the last complete back-up. An incremental back-up can be very useful in situations where there is only a limited time to perform a back-up and not much storage space to do so. The dump back-up means just that; dumping a file system or disk partition in its entirety to the backup medium without making any changes to it beforehand.

The differential back-up is a method that must occur each night. This is because the differential method will store only those files which were created or modified since the last differential back-up. Where the incremental or complete back-up methods mark individual items which were stored, the differential back-up does not.

Daily back-ups concentrate on any folders, data or files which were created or modified on a particular day. And like the differential back-up, the daily method does not mark files or folders. It is not necessary to perform a daily back-up if differential back-ups are already being executed each night.

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