Top Five Ways To Benefit From Pinterest

Article Posted by Expert Author: Jesse Schwarz  on 09/09/2013

Pinterest, developed in 2009, allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections online. It's one of the fastest-growing web sites in existence. Recently, it was noted that use of the service had skyrocketed to over ten million visitors monthly, a rate that neither Facebook nor Twitter can yet boast of.

But what's so great about Pinterest? Isn't it just random people showcasing their random collections of favorite outfits and works of art online for the world to see? Not exactly. Pinterest offers much more value to some users than it may initially reveal. There are several ways to use this unique service to benefit on both a business and personal level, 5 of which are detailed below.

As a website owner, understanding how people are using Pinterest to manage their lives can give you insights into how you can utilize this tool to promote your online presence.

Mobile Business Marketing

In order to get your business out there, you need many pairs of eyes to see it. And Pinterest definitely offers that. Any Pinterest board you create can have a link attached to it. And this kind of traffic generation appears to be effective. Tracking reveals that Pinterest is responsible for more traffic to sites than Google+ or Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, Pinterest also allows you to link your board to your business's page, in addition to your Twitter account. And, Twitter will automatically tweet any pins you make from your board, even if you do it on the go with your wireless internet connection and mobile device.

Comparison Shopping On The Go

Many companies have now begun to use Pinterest as a way to connect with their customers. Whether you're searching for a new wireless internet provider or want to know who has the best deal on the electronics you're looking to buy, Pinterest may end up being your go-to place. And the best part is that you can find deals for a specific area, which can greatly benefit you if you are looking for a company that services your neighborhood.

Your favorite brands may also be a few taps or swipes away. Using Pinterest to check their boards for coupons and other deals can mean that you save money the next time you go shopping. Or, you can save money while you're still in the store, just by checking the boards on your phone.

Travel Ideas As You Travel

We have all dreamed of traveling. But visiting your local travel agent can result in enough pamphlets to leave you overwhelmed. So why not go wireless instead? Using Pinterest allows you to pin anything online as a theme. Even if you see something in a store window that you like, it can be pinned in seconds; all you need is the camera that's on your phone and your internet connection. When you've returned home from your journeys, you can even post your vacation photos on your board to share with family and friends.

Cooking On The Fly

If you're thinking about scouring Kijiji for find extra storage for all of those recipe books, note cards and bits of paper, Pinterest could be the ultimate solution. Not only can your favorite dishes be pinned to your board, but you can also pin whatever else you find while you're surfing for new nosh. Did you walk by a café and smell something delicious? Post your ingredient guesses with your mobile and see if you get some dish suggestions.

More Savings With Easy Ideas And Online Deals

As well as looking at flyers online and printing coupons for the items you use, you can also go online to see how others are keeping more money in their pockets. For example, do you really need to buy a new case for your mobile phone, or are there instructions for how to make one on the cheap? Can the boring items in your closet be transformed into brand new outfits you never thought of? And could you be doing something less expensive to make more room in your home than renovating? The answers to all of these questions will be an enthusiastic "Yes!" when you've spent some time surfing the Pinterest boards.

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