Who Is The Best Website Hosting Company? Our Test Results

Over the course of several months we will be conducting live tests with the hosts we review giving consumers the good, the bad and the ugly. Most hosting companies offer very similar plans and the only way to differentiate them is through "Performance." Our methodology behind performance includes how long a page takes to load at any given time.


We will be installing wordpress sites that use a good amount of server resources as well as the use of a database to drive the content. All images and content will be similar in size so that the sample data is not skewed. While we have tested most of the hosts for our own needs, we felt it was important to spend our own time and resources comparing across a level playing field. Please stay tuned for the results.


Understanding the world of web hosting and online backup is our specialty at HostingAndBackup.com.  We are passionate about helping both beginners and even seasoned users to get quality, easy-to-understand tips, advice and tricks to navigate this area.

We also review the best web hosting sites to determine the top picks in the industry by the criteria that is important to you.  We analyze options such as number of domains you can host, setup costs, money-back guarantee, and of course price.

Finally, we also delve into online computer backup, which many people are turning to in order to back up their computer files and photographs in the event of a computer malfunction.  We will analyze the various features and price points of the more reputable companies available to consumers.

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