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Article Posted by Expert Author: Nancy Ruskus  on 02/06/2013

Even if you're relatively new to computers and web hosting in general, you have likely learned the importance of backing up your information. After all, in the event a disaster occurs, you have no recourse to recover lost information. And the thing is that not only you are vulnerable to disasters; your web site host is as well.

As much as we try and prepare for something going awry, we can sometimes be caught off guard. In the case of your web site, finding out what kind of back up your host offers is always a smart thing to do. Continuous Back Up, or Continuous Data Protection means that a web site host routinely saves the information from all of its clients web sites.

But the important thing here is to find out how often a web host will back up your data. Some will back up every 24 hours, while some may actually do this more frequently. It all depends on the nature of the data being stored on a web site host's servers. The type of back up is also something to take note of. For example, a web site host which backs up data at the disk sector level  instead of just at the file level will be able to offer a higher degree of security for the information you've stored on their servers.

Of course, it isn't enough to simply rely on your web host to ensure that all of your information is safely saved. You too must take responsibility for your data. And this means keeping your own copies of your site's content. This can be done by storing it on an external drive, on a series of CDs or even on the servers of another web host.  At http://www.hostingandbackup.com/ we can help not only with web hosting, but also online backup services to protect your important files.

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